Maintenance District Info

Tennyson Local Maintenance District (LMD) was founded in 2012 and assumes maintenance responsibility for Tennyson Streetscape improvements on Tennyson; its boundaries are 38th – to 39th. And 41st all the way up to the north side of Parisi’s and Tenn St Coffee. Responsibilities include emptying trash receptacles, weeding/pruning of all planter beds, maintenance/pruning of all street trees, pedestrian lights, irrigation and all furnishings: benches, bike racks, etc. It does not include snow removal. LMD Board members are Heather Noyes (StudioCPG), Nicole Sullivan (Bookbar), Tracy Frickey (Property Owner – 43rd/Tenn) and Mike Opatowski (Property Owner: 38th/Tenn), and Brendan Kelly (City/County of Denver, Dept of Public Works). The LMD will be installing 5 new bike racks along these blocks this coming fall.

The Tennyson Street II (Tennyson Terrace) Maintenance District assumes maintenance responsibility for Tennyson streetscape between 39th and 41st. Maintenance responsibilities are similar to above. Board members currently include Mark Berzins (Patrick O’Carrol’s/Little Pub Co.) and Gilbert “Don” Maes (Local Property Owner)  & Brendan Kelly.

Current Projects: The City is currently gauging support for potential streetscape improvements between 39th and 41st and then – ideally – would create ONE maintenance district to assume responsibility for maintenance between 38th and 44th. Information regarding these potential improvements will be forthcoming: all business owners and property owners within this district will be notified of future meetings to review design concepts, costs, maintenance considerations.

Future Projects: The city will be pursuing a new bond in 2017. It would be fabulous if there was funding allocated for streetscape improvements for two additional blocks of Tennyson, from 44th to 46th, which would improve pedestrian safety and connectivity of the Tennyson Street commercial district to Berkeley Park, Smiley Library, the Rec Center and Centennial, as well up to Willis Case and Regis. This doesn’t have to be fancy, but wider sidewalks, pedestrian lights and some furnishings including more bike racks would certainly make it more pedestrian friendly.

For more info please contact Heather Noyes

For maintenance issues in either district Brendan’s contact information is:

Brendan Kelly